This Month’s Top Games

The Dice Tower – 2015
(Season 11)

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Dice-game-backthisgame-iconCard game Only
The Dice Tower is a broadcasting group led by Tom Vasel and Eric Summerer – dedicated to using media to promote the hobby of board and card gaming. Tom Vasel, Dan King, Ryan Metzler, Zee Garcia, and many others produce weekly videos of hundreds of different games each year 2cents2

Deluxe Version of TALUVA
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mini-board-backthisgame-iconA Top 3 Kickstart game
Discover the Deluxe Version of TALUVA by FERTI Games! Lots of new features compliment this Marcel-André Casasola-Merkle best-seller! Huge Hex tiles – Amazing art by Naïade!,new wooden towers – Awesome Handmade wooden box. 2cents2

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kickstart-card-game-icon2A Top 3 Kickstart game
Fantasy Pyramid Card/Board Game 1-4 Players 45 Mins-Viceroy is a bidding and resource management game from Russia with love! 1-4 Players, Plays in 45-60 minutes! Runaway Hit at Essen! plus Amazing Art! 2cents2

Coven Board Game by 8th Summit
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card-mini-board-backthisgame-iconA Top 3 Kickstart game
Coven is a game for up to 5 players that introduces a new mechanic of hidden alignments for non player controlled Goddesses. Winner of Canadian game design of the year 2012 2cents2

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